frequently asked Questions

Why shouldn't I buy a generator online or in a big box store?

Getting a backup generator is a lot more than going to the store, buying a generator, and plugging it in. Lots of places will sell you a generator, but will they take the steps necessary to get the right backup power solution in place?

Will they come out to your house to properly size your power needs, and tell you what different options you have?
Will they recommend the best transfer switch for your needs?
Will they build a custom installation platform for your generator to sit on?
Will they properly and legally install all the wiring and fuel sources so that you know your home is safe (and that you are properly protecting those working to restore power to your area)?
Will they teach you how to properly exercise your generator so it is always ready?
Will they provide maintenance options?
Will they come service your machine in the event of an issue?
You will have a hard time getting the sort of service and experience you need from most sources, but PowerHouse is ready to help you today!

Why should I choose PowerHouse?

PowerHouse has 25 years experience with both residential and commercial power systems, and provides full service options to help you pick the right machine, install it the way you want on your property, and service it regularly after the sale.

What brands do you sell?

We are a Cummins Generator dealer, along with Briggs & Stratton. We take the time to work with each customer to determine the best solution for their particular need, regardless of brand.

Do you work on generators you didn't sell?

Yes we do! We service all brands and types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and marine generators. Give us a call at 252-222-0036 and we would be happy to help!

Do you offer maintenance agreements?

Yes! We offer a variety of options to match your needs. With a PowerHouse maintenance agreement, we will come to your generator location, check to make sure it is functioning correctly, and do preventative maintenance (such as oil changes, battery checks, etc). Give us a call at 252-222-0036 for more information!

What is Kimeplex?

Kimeplex, Inc. is the parent company of PowerHouse. Chimer Clark is the owner of Kimeplex, Inc., and it represents a wider range of his business interests outside of PowerHouse's core offerings of standby Generator, solar, and electrical contracting services.

It is a multifaceted business enterprise with dealings in government contracting, commercial real estate, residential and commercial construction, and generator installation and servicing. We are located on the coast of North Carolina, and serve clients on projects throughout the southeast.